Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Davao Councilor Shows Indifference In Outcome Of US Elections

Barack Obama or John McCain? Councilor Victorio Advincula couldn't care less. As he told reporters who interviewed him for his two-cents' worth about today's US Presidential elections, "ayoko ng mga ganyan.."

Advincula is not alone. A survey conducted by the Social Weather Stations or SWS showed that three out of every four Filipinos also could not care less who wins the US Presidential elections. The SWS survey indicated that while most Filipinos are neutral as to who will win the US Presidential race, 76% however think it does not matter who wins the elections.

Obama is a 47-year old African-American senator from Illinois who was able to charm his way to the hearts of most Americans thanks to his winning oratory. McCain on the other hand is a 72-year old war hero who has been a prisoner of war for 5 and a half years and a lawmaker for 26 years.

So who are you betting for? Obama or McCain?

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John said...

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