Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Davao Artica Dome As Crematorium?

City Administrator Wendell Avisado's comments on transforming the White Elephant Davao City Artica Sports Dome into a crematorium may have been made in jest but the idea stuck!

Councilor Nilo Abellera, the proponent of the creation of a crematorium for the city, said he has no objection whatsoever if the crematorium which he has proposed as early as 2004 will be located at the Artica Sports Dome.

"The idea of converting the Artica Sports Dome into a crematorium did not come from me but I heard it is from City Hall," he said. However, he added, if this is true then he does not see anything wrong with it as the city is in dire need of more space for the dead.

Abellera said the city has almost fully paid the loan for the Artica Dome and it is really a waste of money if nothing will be done to make it useful. People are however skeptical about converting the Sports Dome into a crematorium since the safety of the structure as well as its location is still under question.

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