Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Council Grills Maa Bgy Captain Laud On DMC Project

The City Council in today's session grilled Maa barangay captain Loreto Laud, Jr. over the issuance of the certificate of no opposition he issued for the DMC real estate development project in Shrine Hills.

Councilor Teresa Mata Marañon asked Laud about the issuance of the no-opposition certificate considering the disapproval of the Maa residents about the development. Laud however said there was no petition at the time he issued the certificate.

Knowing that the residents of Maa are up in arms against the further development of the area sans an independent geo-hazard study, Laud said he would stand by his decision to issue the certificate provided DMC will stand by its word that it would set up all the mitigating measures to ensure the safety of the people.

However, Laud said he is recommending the conduct of an independent geo-hazard study for the project to make sure it will not endanger the lives of the Maa and nearby residents.

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