Sunday, October 26, 2008

DM Consunji Project Faces Opposition From Maa Residents

Another real estate developer eyeing the development of Shrine Hills for a housing project is facing opposition from the Maa Federation of Homeowners.

The DM Consunji people headed by general manager Victoria Joy Adriano presented their project to the City Council last Tuesday pursuant to their application for a preliminary approval and location clearance (PALC). However, the PALC was not issued by the Council pending the clarification of important matters including the development of a proper drainage system.

Councilor Jose Louie Villafuerte said Maa already has an existing drainage problem and is already experiencing floods. He said Maa's flooding problems might become worse if the developer fails to institute a proper drainage plan for their project.

Committee on Housing, Rural and Urban Development Councilor Arnolfo Ricardo Cabling said the PALC is just a permit granted by the City Council to allow the developer to pursue their studies and development plan. However, he added, it is best to allow all parties to present their side on the drainage and other issues to ensure that the developer's efforts in developing the project will not go to waste.

Adriano said the only drainage option so far is the Datu Luho Creek en route to the Davao River. The said River is already up to its capacity since the existing subdivisions in the area are already using it for drainage purposes. She added they have not explored any other water pathway except the Creek.

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