Thursday, October 30, 2008

Davao Movies: High School Musical 3 Extended

Want to relieve your good old high school days? Then watch High School Musical 3, now on an extended run in Davao theaters. The first two High School Musical shows became popular among the younger generation not only for the wonderful and easy-to-remember songs (remember "We're All In this Together" and "Start Of Something New) but also for the charismatic cast led by Zac Efron (Troy Bolton) and Vanessa Hudgens (Gabriella Montez) who play the modern day Romeo and Juliet. Hudgens, by the way, is born of a Filipina mother (Gina Guangco) who grew up in Manila making her half Filipino by blood.

What made the Emmy Award-winning High School Musical a hit was its theme which gave almost everyone a chance to relate. High school love, high school indecision and the need to be accepted in society are common feelings that transcend culture and nationality so it is not surprising that HSM was a hit worldwide.

However, HSM 3 is doubly remarkable because the show had more heart when it tackled separation, not only between two loves but also between friendships when it is time to mature and move on from high school to college. Watching the third installment of HSM (watch out for the 4th which is in the making!) will make you realize how significant high school life is. It is that stage when you more or less determine where you will, be headed. It is also the most enjoyable stage in life.

HSM 3 is now on its second week at:

SM Cinema 1

NCCC Cinema 4

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