Thursday, October 16, 2008

Dabawenyo Wins Lotto Jackpot Worth P131M

If you are one among the hundreds of Dabawenyos betting their hard-earned P20 (or more!) daily to get a crack at the lotto pot then here's one more reason to continue or discontinue with your lotto addiction.

A lucky Dabawenyo won the P131,367,621.60 jackpot prize of the 6/49 lotto game using the combination number 42-12-46-26-49-19. The lucky Dabawenyo paid a measly P140 for his bet and got millions in return.

This can mean that every Dabawenyo's dream of being a millionaire through the lotto is indeed possible. However, luck never shines in you twice so in all probability the next lucky winner will no longer come from this area.

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