Monday, September 15, 2008

Belly's Grill Customers Still Violating Anti Smoking Ordinance

City Hall should act fast or be the laughing stock of the country for boasting about a non-smoking law that is not being implemented and is being violated even by the police, the very people who are supposed to implement it.

Implementers of the anti-smoking law should closely watch Belly's Grill, a restaurant along Quirino Avenue as well as other establishments in the city for tolerating customers who are violating the law. Owner Mr. Haw has already placed two signs in the open air portion of the establishment indicating that "This establishment is SMOKE FREE". However, clients just ignore the sign and smoke in the premises anyway.

Just last Saturday, two people (male and female) in a group who had children with them went near the playground for children and smoked there in full display of kids and other customers. When asked, the waiter said they are just tolerating the customers because they would not believe them. Also, one waiter said "Parang pulis man kasi yung kasama nila kasi me bukol sa gilid." In fairness to the person with the suspected gun on the side, he was not the one smoking but his companions. And if it is indeed true that he was a member of the PNP then he should have had the decency to tell his friends to follow the law and stop smoking in public.

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