Sunday, August 24, 2008

Gensan Sari-Sari Stores Face Closure Due To NCCC Gensan's Retail Activities

General Santos City welcomes the entry of NCCC, a large retail store from Davao City. NCCC opened a wholesale center in Leon Llido Subdivision in Gensan just last year. Even the small sari-sari store owners welcomed the entry of NCCC's Wholesale Center since they have another option aside from KCC. However, such investment is proving to be detrimental to the small sari-sari store owners in the subdivision whose incomes are important for their daily subsistence because NCCC Gensan which is supposed to be a Wholesale Center, has started to retail its goods.

Store owners in the area said this is unfair competition because since they also buy their goods wholesale from NCCC, they no longer have a competitive advantage since NCCC's retail is much lower than their prices. Sari-sari stores usually get a few cents to a peso profit from their items. With NCCC selling retail to everyone, how can these small sari-sari stores compete?

NCCC is a well-known department store in Davao not only because it is homegrown but because of its owners kindness when treating their employees. It is in fact one, if not the only store in Davao City which stops all operations during 12 noon just for the 12 o'clock prayers and this shows the owner's religiosity.

I am wondering if the owners of NCCC are aware that their Gensan Branch is already into retail and that it is already killing the several sari-sari stores in the area? Unfair competition is one thing but coming from a Davao-based establishment makes it more unacceptable. Will the Gensan local government allow their residents and small investors to suffer and close shop despite the fact that they have invested their lives in Gensan when these big investors where nowhere to be found?

I just hope the local government of Gensan will do something about this and check the operations of NCCC Wholesale if it is really what it is supposed to be.

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