Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Eyeing The Smart Bro Pre-Paid

I've been eyeing the SmartBro wireles sbroadband connection since news of it came out. However, several blogs ago, I gave a negatvie review of the product not because of usability nr functionality but because of the impractical 2-year lock out period as well as the P799 monthly fee. True enough, Smart found it hard to market such a very useful gadget but at a very unwise and impratical terms so to speak.

Now, Smart came up with the SmartBro Prepaid, the same product but this time with a much smarter offer. You get the USB plus a free 1 hour and a half Internet usage for a one-tiem fee of P4,500. After that you can just reload in denominations of P100 or P300 at P10 per minute. There are other reloading options but I'll save that for later.

For now, I am off to looking at the actual product and decide if this is feasible for my online business given the fact that school will start soon and I will once again be off to neverland on a daily basis which means goodbyt to my Broadband connection for a few hours which is a no-no considering the virtual work I have to accomplish each and every hour.

Will update you when I finally decide on getting the PrePaid SmartBro.

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