Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Why I Love Pay Per Post?

I saw these payperpost affiliate icons while browsing some of the websites and I became interested. Well, anything legit enough that allows me to make additional income interests me, so I browsed further and looked at the paid posts. What made me warm up to the idea of pay per posts is that most of the entries I read seemed to be interesting facts, not just plain advertisements, about products and places.

However, it took me about a two weeks (maybe more?) before I was able to take an Opportunity at payperpost (that means writing offers) since it took sometime before my blog got approved. Kudos to the support team because they immediately got back to me and helped me with my dilemma since I could not get a complete look at the opportunity details.

What I love about this gig is that it allows me to choose which opportunities to take and to write about. A quick look at the various opportunities offered for registered and approved sites made me salivate as there are indeed a lot of opportunities to choose from. Unfortunately, these opportunities are classified and you can only get the opportunities that fits the requirements (which includes blog rank, the hosting site you are using and your location).

I have yet to get paid for this blogging opportunity but judging from the earnings that most of my friends got from their posts, I am looking forward to finally having enough to buy that videocam this year.

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