Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Web: Is It The Next Boob Tube?

Do you know that one in every three American adults have given up their friends and even their sex lives for the Web? Well, it seems that this phenomenon is not exclusive to the Americans but also to people from all over the globe. Even people from emerging economies like the Philippines and India are becoming web freaks.

Television has been blamed for breaking relationships and even families but it seems television is slowly being replaced by the Internet. The television has not been called the boob tube for nothing. In fact, it is a shortcut for IDIOT BOX, a name given by those who believed that majority of the programs being shown on television are foolish.

But who can blame people for wanting to spend endless days and nights in front of the computer when the world is virtually in their hands? The World Wide Web has also become one of the most accessible venues for income opportunities.

A lot of people can no longer survive one day without the Web. Are you one of us?

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