Thursday, January 31, 2008

RP Has Two Prexies In UN's Most Corrupt Leaders List

If being corrupt is something to be proud of then Filipinos should rejoice because it has two presidents in the United Nations List Of Top 10 Most Corrupt Leaders in the world, released during the UN anti-corruption conference being held in Indonesia.

The Philippines was bested only by the late Indonesian President Suharto who topped the list with an ammased wealth of $15 to P35 billion. The country's own President Ferdinand Marcos came second with an amassed wealth of $5 to $10 billion.

Former president Joseph Estrada said he will sue the UN (no, not for placing him in the 10th place as the most corrupt leader with an amassed wealth of $78 to $80 million instead of the 1st ha!ha!)but for the baseless accusation. If conviction for plunder in 2007 is not basis enough then something must be wrong somewhere.

Estrada was convicted by the Sandiganbayan for plunder with a 40-year prison terms. This was confirmed by the Supreme Court.

The complete list of the UN Top 10 Most Corrupt World Leaders:
1. Suharto of Indonesia
2. Ferdinand Marcos-Philippines
3. Mobutu Sese Seko-Zaire
4. Sani Abacha-Nigeria
5. Slobodan Milosevic-Serbia
6. Jean Claude Duvalier-Haiti
7. Alberto Fujimori-Peru
8. Pavlo Lazarenko-Ukraine
9. Arnoldo Aleman- Nicaragua
10.Joseph Estrada-Philippines

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