Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Need For Prescription Glasses

I have always been a voracious reader since I was a kid. Add to that my passion for watching movies. These factors may be the reasons why I have defective vision. I could not see things several feet away from me. This has been my problem in school so I was always the student who preferred the front rows.

I used to wear correction glasses but my eye doctor said its no longer enough for my requirements. Contacts doesn't work for me primarily because my eyes wouldn't accept them---don't know why but I they just wouldn't go in. So here I am scouting for a nice pair of prescription glasses so I wouldn't have to squint anymore when updating this blog.

Luckily, Zenni Optical: Sell Rx Glasses $8 with case!. The trendy prescription glasses I found at ZenniOptical lifted my spirits since I did not want to use glasses that would make me older than my real age. Most prescription glasses can make you look really old and witch-like and that does not appeal to me. What would Hilary Clinton look like if she did not have access to those killer prescription glasses she wears during the US primary?

The variety of frames available at ZenniOptical amazed me. I also want to check out their sunsensor or photochromic lenses which darkens when exposed to sunlight and lightens when you are back indoors. I am a heavy computer uses so this might also help me.

What makes ZenniOptical ideal for me aside form the wide selection of frames and lenses is the amazingly low prices since they manufacture the frames they sell so no additional price at all. I'll check this out before talk of politics and daily issues blur my vision.

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