Friday, January 4, 2008

Mayor Duterte Ranks 3rd In Pulse Asia's Top Local Chief Exec Survey

Dabawenyos may be critical of some of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte's policies and governing methods but no one would surely doubt the veracity of a Pulse Asia survey where Duterte ranked No. 3 among the country's top local chief executives, performance wise.

Despite his ala-Clint Eastwood stance, Duterte has indeed made a difference in Davao. Compared to equally growing cities in Mindanao like General Santos City, Davao is clearly a standout. Under his management, Davao has been cited as one of the most livable cities in Asia. The number of national and international seminars and events held in the city last year is evident of the city's peace and order and attractiveness to visitors.

Duterte's no nonsense and iron-hand ruling in the City has made wonders for Davao, making it one of the top performing cities in the whole country. Now, if only those under the mayor can replicate his achievements in making the city a better place to live in.

RRD photo courtesy of Davao Today.


nick said...

horay for the mayor.

1 good example NO Fireworks on xmas and new year. ZERO casualties ZERO explosions to the hand. VERY good. I hope other city mayor follows him

Relax Yourself said...

He's good in his work, adheres to practicality...

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