Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Huli Ka!

If I had a hundred peso reward for every private-yellow-license-plate-bearing-taxi I get on camera then I say that's a great alternative to being a problogger because it would provide me a regular source of income on a daily basis.

That one way of saying that there are SOOOOO MANYYY taxicabs in the city bearing a green license plate which should only be used by private vehicles. Turns out that the Land Transportation Office is so inept its personnel couldn't see these taxicabs even if the cabs run pass their noses everyday.

Keith Bacongco himself spotted a Mabuhay Taxi bearing a green license plate. I caught this one, I think it’s an Alleyaa (did I get the spelling right?) on this photo last Tuesday and that’s not even the whole story. A few minutes after passing that taxi, I saw two taxis parked along the side of the Matina highway---bearing green license plates. And then another one in Juna after 5 minutes. I did not bother getting their photos anymore. It's tiring, you know especially when its the people at the LTO who are getting paid for the job I was doing.

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