Sunday, January 27, 2008

How To Make Buying Convenient For Website Clients

I've been surfing the net lately for a few kitchen gadgets that will help me with my cake and catering business. Most of the sites I visited had very functional kitchen gadgets which made me salivate but sad to say, I encountered several difficulties like the absence of a shopping cart which would have made purchasing a breeze.

Funny how some sites forget the importance of getting a shopping cart software like the one being offered by Ashop Commerce. Online selling and buying for that matter, would be easier and more convenient if merchants prioritize the shopping cart feature so that buyers like me can just click on the shopping cart image or link without having to click on different pages just to get my order in.

I also have plans of setting up an online store and you bet my first priority would be to get a shopping cart software to encourage buyers to just click and buy. No sweat.

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