Friday, January 11, 2008

Good Location For McDonald's Matina

The newest McDonald in town is located in a very stategic spot---right in front of the Ateneo de Davao HS and Gradeschool campus. Need I say that majority of the customers there are from the Ateneo?

McDonald Matina, which opened in December last year, is different from the other McDo branches ambiance-wise. I haven't been to the new outlet in Bajada though. The fast-food's facade is of course just like the other McDo's but the counter in Matina is more modern. The fastfood stands on a bigger lot but the store itself is small compared to the one located at Victoria Plaza's parking lot.

Some of the staff seemed new to the job as they are still unfamilair with whether or not they should charge extra if the customer opts for ice tea for their Happy Meal. They were polite and helpful though. Well, this is one good thing about McDo because they do not charge you an extra P9 for choosing an ice tea instead of softdrinks for a Happy Meal order. Jollibee does.

This is perhaps the second McDonald Branch that is open 24-hours daily. That Victoria Branch was our library when I was still at Law School so the Matina Branch will probably be a haven for law students who live nearby.


Andre Fournier said...

Location is good but service sucks. The place looks big from outside but very cramped inside. They tried to cram too many chairs and tables in the place. Counter space is very small and cramped. Only one counter was used, too many managers and too few crew.This Mcdonalds is on my "not to visit again"list

Davao's Food Huntress said...

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