Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Earn Extra With PayPerPlay

You may have heard of pay per click--that's a marketing/advertising scheme where you earn for every click on an advertisement on your site. But what if no one clicks the ad? No income for you.

But here's a revolutionary system which allows you to earn even without any affirmative action from your readers or visitors. I’m talking about Net Audio Ads Pay Per Play advertising system. The ads do not take any space in your blog or site because your visitors hear them once they visit your site. Remember, they don't need to click on anything for your to earn. Don't worry because the ads that will be played is related to your site and it will not irritate your readers as the 5-second audio will only be played once.

If you think the television is the greatest think that happened to advertising then you better think again. Research shows that more people are looking at the Internet than on TV. Thus, advertisers are slowly shifting their ad strategies to the World Wide Web. You can earn in three ways:

1. Direct PPP
Copy the PPP code on your site where you want the ads to play and earn 25% of the money spent by advertisers for that pay per play ads
2. Referrals
Refer PPP to people who have Internet presence (this means they have a website, blog, etc.) and earn 5% of what their advertisers spent in running the ads on your referred website
3. Earn from your referral's referral
If the person you referred got another person to host PPP ads then you also earn 5% from his PPP website earnings.

Advertisers will start bidding on February 8, 2008 for sites where they want their ads to be heard. So what are you waiting for? Grab this opportunity while it's hot!

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