Thursday, January 24, 2008

Dateline Davao Squad?

Passed by this eatery on my way to Chimes and I could not help but smile at the following signs. Below is a tarpaulin of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte and on top is the store's signage---DDS SUTOKIL. In Davao, DDS is the abbreviation given to the Davao Death Squad (name is self explanatory) which has been blamed for the summary killing of people involved in the drug business.

Despite his constant denial that the government does not have anything to do with the DDS, Duterte has been blamed, rather praised, for the summary killing of drug users and pushers in the city.

SuToKiL can mean Shoot To Kill to any American but in Davao, it means SUgba, Tinola and KILawin.

Get the drift?

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