Monday, January 7, 2008

Classes Resumes In Davao City

Motorists can expect lighter traffic these days compared to last year during the Holiday Season. This, despite the opening of classes this week. However, this is not to say that traffic along congested areas in the city will lighten up. More traffic is expected along Bankerohan considering that the Bankerohan Bridge is still under construction.

Davao's traffic is considerably better than Manila traffic but Dabawenyos still complain about the way the traffic lights seem to hold motorists on the queue. While there is actually no traffic, the time spent waiting for that light to turn green makes impatient people red with rage. Another cause of congestion along the city streets are public utility vehicles that get passengers wherever they want, even in the middle of the streets.

Traffic (and the problems that comes with it) is definitely part of Davao. Well, how's that as a bargain for progress?

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