Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Why Swimming At Woodridge Is Pocket-Friendly

Davao City has a lot of swimming pools but most of them charge too much. There is one swimming nook I discovered though which charges a reasonable fee for swimming as well as for the food they serve. Ironically enough, the pool is located in one of the most expensive and exlusive subdivisions in the city--Woodridge.

The subdivision-run clubhouse boasts of a tennis court (expensive at P200 per hour), function rooms for parties and two swimming pools (children and adult). Entrance to the pool is affordable at P70 considering that it is just located at the city center, Maa actually.

If you find yourself famished after swimming then there's no need to debate whether to order or not because the clubhouse restaurant serves a goid menu of SILOG, coffee and juice. Instant Coffee is priced at P15 while the various Silogs ar priced from P50 to P70. There are also sandwiches like club sandwich at P100 and their P45 burger is delicious and big too!

The restaurant is a nice place for those who want to work with their laptops while watching their kids swim. Bring extra batteries though and don't expect any wifi connection.


Anonymous said...

Just curious, how do you get to use the clubhouse pool, do you have to make reservations first. Any other public pool places you recommend in Davao ?


lovely said...

Hi Anonymous----care to tell me your name ha!ha! No, you don't need to make a reservation basta wag lang party ha. You can just go in and proceed to the clubhouse--that's how friendly they are. If you have kids with you--palamunitan somewhere in toril is very nice---will feature the place after the holidays. Forrest Hill in diversion is also great.

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