Saturday, December 1, 2007

Prices Of Vegetables In Davao Up

The prices of vegetables in Davao City have gone up since the third week of November and traders said they expect the price to continue to go up until the Christmas season is over. Traders also said the onslaught of typhoon Mina is also responsible for the rise in vegetables prices although the city is not affected by the typhoon. at all.

Lettuce, Brocolli and Cauliflower are among the highest priced vegetables with Lettuce being sold in Bankerohan market at P120 per kilo, Brocolli at P100 per kilo and Cauliflower at P90 per kilo. This is almost a P30 increase per kilo compared to the previous price of the three vegetable which played at P70-P80.

Ampalaya is now being sold at P35 per kilo, Luya or Ginger at P35 per kilo and Carrots at P30 per kilo. Onion is priced from P68 to P75 per kilo depending on the quality. The price of Tomato and Talong has remained quite low at P20 and P25 per kilo respetively. Kalabasa is more affordable at P10 per kilo.

These are the prevailing prices at the bagsakan area in Bankerohan so higher prices of vegetables sold in other markets (like in Mintal or Matina markets) can be expected.

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