Thursday, December 27, 2007

Get Paid To Blog With Smorty

I’ve been blogging professionally for quit sometime already but I did not know I can get paid to blog with Smorty. I have tried Smorty a month ago but got frustrated with the system since I could not quite get the links properly. It came to a point when I was already willing to give up since I already wrote a blog post which expired because it did not follow the links. Fortunately, I finally got it all right and what do you know---after a few weeks, I got a PayPal message saying I received my very first Smorty payment!

If I had known that I can get paid for blogging not only through blog advertising (which did not work for me!) but also through Smorty's blog for money program then I would have tried it months ago. I got burned with blog advertising ---I placed adsense in my blog but did not get anything from the sites advertised on my blog. Reminds me why I still have it here! How frustrating can that be?

Paid blogging with Smorty is really easy. You just need to register your blog and wait for their approval. After that, they will send you paid blogging assignments which you will have to write about and post in your site. You send Smorty the link and then once it is approved, just wait for the payment period. Your site has to do good with the ratings game though before it is finally approved by Smorty. Also make sure that your site has been existing for quite sometime before you apply for approval.

Smorty works both ways. It is ideal for advertisers who want to advertise on bogs and also for bloggers who want to get paid to blog. Blogging brings out some kind of fulfillment and it is doubly fulfilling because it also offers an opportunity to blog for money. One good thing about this blogging gig is that you can choose which asignments to accept. You only have three days to submit your post or it will expire. If you want to earn extra on the side then try to get paid to blog with Smorty!

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