Thursday, December 6, 2007

All Set For Mintal's Fiesta on Dec. 8

December 8,Saturday will definitely be an exciting day for residents of Mintal, Davao City as they celebrate their fiesta which coincides with the Immaculate Conception. As early as last week, a small carnival has already been set up near the market. This is far from the Disneyland Carnival known to those who have enough money to visit the place once or maybe more in their entire lifetime. Nonetheless, this simple carnival continues to give joy to the residents of the 3rd District particularly in Mintal.
Lots of ukay-ukay vendors have also filled the street making it harder for the vegetable vendors to look for a space suitable enough to sell their wares. But no one's compaining as the very affordable second hand (supposedly--snce not all are hand me downs especially the seleted ones)clothes are boon to market goers of Mintal.

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