Wednesday, November 15, 2006

price of dressed chicken to go up by 10% this December

Dressed chicken to cost P100 by Xmas-Makro

No less than the wholesale store selling tons of chicken per month has fearlessly predicted that the price of dressed chicken will rise by at least ten percent during the Christmas season.

“Chicken price will shot up by December to about 10 percent,” Makro Davao store manager Girlie Valenzuela said yesterday during the Club 888 Forum held at the Marco Polo Hotel.

However, she promised that Makro Davao will never hit the three digits meaning the price of a kilo chicken of chicken from their store will definitely be below P100.

Valenzuela said Makro Davao is a runaway winner among all the other Makro stores in terms of the volume of sales of dressed chicken. Makro Davao bested all the estimated 74 Makro stores in Asia with a sales volume of 50 tons of dressed chicken every month or an annual volume of 600 tons.

Makro is present in five Asian countries, employs more than 7,500 people and boasts of an annual turnover of more than US$2 billion. It is present in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and China.

“We started the year with our chicken costing P84 per kilo and now we are selling chicken at P89 to P90 per kilo,” she said. A ten percent increase in the price of chicken will mean Dabawenyos will have to pay P10 more or equivalent to P100 for the price of a kilo of chicken.

Makro has three main chicken suppliers including Bounty, Purefoods and San Miguel Corporation.

“Makro Davao will never run out of chicken supply,” she said, despite predictions of high demand for that food commodity during Christmas season. She added theya re safekeeping 60 tons of chicken for December but is confident that their supply can reach as much as a hundred tons by next month.

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