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Duterte files CoC for Davao City Mayor

Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte has just filed his Certificate of Candidacy (CoC) for mayor, far from the expectation that he will run for president now that his daughter Sara Carpio has given her blessing.
Duterte's  CoC was handed over to the Commission on Elections (Comelc) at 2:40 p.m. by his Chief Executive Assistant Christopher Lawrence “Bong”  Go and City Administrator Melchor Quitain.
Go's shirt carried Duterte's message to his supporters which read: “Sinabi ko na, ayaw ko. Ang titigas ng ulo niyo”.
A political strategist of Duterte earlier admitted the last-ditch efforts are being done by Duterte’s family, friends and supporters to convince him to run for president even after his latest public announcement that he has no ambition to become president.

“Yes, I am confirming that following the latest public announcement of Davao City Mayor Rody Duterte that his options were retirement or staying on as Mayor, there were frantic efforts by people close to the family to sa…

Davao's Badjao fisherfolk proving Bucana is not just a warzone

Fishing is almost effortless for Carleo  D. Arquillano, Purok Leader of St. John in Bucana and his fellow fishrfolk who, with the help of non-government organization Mindanao Land (MinLand) and the Bureau of Fish and Aquatic Resources (BFAR), erected early this month a 14-feet deep fish coral known locally as “bungsod”, a few meters away from the shoreline.  Made of bamboo, net and nylon, the bungsod traps the fish that dare to venture near the municipal waters. “Our first harvest yielded around 50 kilos of herring (tamban), slipmouth fish and bigeye trevally,” Arquillano said.  For the past two days’ harvest, they were able to raise P3,000 which will go to the coffers of the DAPSA Fisherfolk Association. The wives of their members sell the fish to the nearby areas and if there is a surplus, it is sold to the traders who bring it to the market.
Bgy. Bucana has gained notoriety in the city because of its reputation as a lair of illegal drug peddlers.  However, Arquillano said they are tr…

SPMC:striving to give the masa quality healthcare

“Marginalized people deserve the best too, especially in health care because they do not have a choice but the government hospitals.”
Dr. Leopoldo J. Vega, Chief of Hospital of the Southern Philippines Medical Center (SPMC) lived by this mantra ever since he took over the reign of the hospital.  After six years, the SPMC stands at par with even the best hospitals in the city in terms of facilities and services.
SPMC has come a long way from a 25-bed capacity hospital along San Pedro St. where it was known as the Davao Public Hospital, to a 1,200-bed capacity hospital which was transferred to J.P. Laurel and through Republic Act 1859, renamed Davao Regional Medical and Training Center.Republic Act 09792, which was enacted in November 19, 2009, however changed the hospital’s name to the Southern Philippines Medical Center. 
The SPMC has recently undertaken an estimated P75 million modernization and expansion project and is now equipped with modern facilities. With the limited funds availab…

BFAR XI release crablets

TAGUM CITY-The city government  successfully concluded the 1stCrab Seeding Ceremony at the Tancuan Creek in Barangay Bincungan.
More than 500 crablets of Mud Crab, also known as King Crab or Mangrove Crab (Scylla serrata) were ceremoniously released at the mangrove reforestation area where they will be grown until they reach the appropriate size and weight.
“The newly-released crablets were hatched from the P2-million Multi-Species Hatchery in Barangay Liboganon which was inaugurated in September last year,” said BFAR XI Director Fatma M. Idris. The hatchery is capable of hatching up to 76,800 crablets per quarter.
While BFAR provided the funding for the hatchery, it will be managed by the city government. The land where the hatchery stands is the city's counterpart to the project.
City Agriculturist, Engr. Harold S. Dawa said in just seven months, the crablets could already weigh 1.5 Kilogram (kg) to 2 kg which can be sold at P400 to P600 per kg.
Davao del Norte Governor Rodolfo P. d…

Zamboanga back in tourism map

ZAMBOANGA CITY-Bienvenidos! The moment you hear that word which means welcome, you realize that you have indeed arrived at Asia’s Latin City. And once you experience the Chavacanos’ charm then you learn to just let go of your fears and inhibitions. Call it nostalgia or déjà vu but one can’t help but be brought back somewhere in time when the Spaniards reigned in the country, the moment you step down at the Zamboanga International Airport. It used to service international flights to Sandakan and Kota Kinabalu in Malaysia until it was cut off due to the Asian financial crisis. 
But still, the airport which sports a very distinctive Mindanao design, is kept busy by domestic flights to and from Davao and Metro Manila especially this October with the month-long celebration of the Zamboanga Hermosa Festival which is being held in honor of the miraculous Our Lady of the  UZAMBOANGA CITY-Bienvenidos! The moment you hear that word which means welcome, you realize that you have indeed arrived at A…