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One Stop Shop Business Registry to Cut Red Tape in RP


Business registration will be easier and a lot faster once the Philippine Business Registry project is implemented.

Department of Trade and Industry-PBR Program Manager Whilmer Morales is now holding a press conference at the Philippine Information Agency, to report on the update of the project, which is expected to be implemented before end of the year.

The PBR is the Philippine government's response to the World Bank report stating that it takes 50 days and 11 processes to register a business in the Philippines.

"This will not only hasten the business registration process but will also lessen red tape in government," he said. The small and medium enterprises are expected to benefit from this program.

Once implemented, the business owner can register his business with the Department of Trade and Industry, which will act on the application in one day. DTI will then pass the documents to the different agencies concerned like the local government unit concerned, P…

SM kicks off Kadayawan

Barely a day before the official start of the 2010 Kadayawan sa Davao, SM City Davao is already abloom with everything Kadayawan starting from the weekend sale which ended yesterday.

August 16 is officially the start of Kadayawan sa Davao. SM's Entertainment Center was ready for the festival as it already gave shoppers a preview of the festivities through a pre-Kadayawan photo exhibit by the Camera Club of Davao. Some indigenous costumes were also already on display yesterday.

Halal-Certified Foodsite Up

For a long time, people who required Halal-certified products had to check out the supermarkets and other establishments for proper certification. Those days are finally over, with the launch of a website that features a list of Halal certified food.

Muslims in the Philippines and even all over the world consume only Halal certified products because to them these products are Halal or "legal" and "acceptable". It is considered by the Sharia or Islamic law as permissible.

Among the very first Halal-certified beverage is Tang Instant Drink Mix, which provides a lot of choices when it comes to flavors including pineapple, strawberry, ponkan, grape, mango and the combo flavors of pineapple-orange and orange-mangga. If you're lucky enough to see this in your local supermarkets, then there are also the limited edition Mangga Fiesta in 2009 and the Strawberry Burst in 2010.

Tang, which is produced by Kraft Foods Philippines, has been Halal-certified by two Halal certific…

Sun Life Financial Offers More Affordable Insurance For The Common Tao

Are you insured for the future?

A lot of people would say "no" to this question primarily because they do not have extra money to pay for insurance. You just could not blame people for making insurance the least of their considering that there are more urgent financial concerns they should think about.

Sun Life Financial realized the need of the common tao,basically the middle class who cannot afford to pay at least P2.000 monthly for an insurance, so the company launched Sun StartUp, everyone's first step to financial security. And to make the pitch more convincing, they got Piolo Pascual to be their endorser.

"The Sun StartUp Insurance is primarily for those who do not have insurance plans yet," Sun Life Financial Philippines Institutional Marketing Manager Joub Miradora said.

The new insurance product offers affordable payment options and secures the future of your loved ones for less than P5,000 a month. The lowest monthly payment is actually only P384 for a 20…