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Sony Ericsson donates P1M for campaign to keep kids off the streets

Sony Ericsson launched in Davao City the “I-Share Ang Saya” campaign to keep children off the streets and onto more worthy endeavors like the search for knowledge.

“Sony Ericsson and sister company Ericsson Telecommunications, Inc. Philippines are donating P1 million for a mobile education van which will help educate children in areas where they stay around the city,” Sony Ericsson Marketing Manager Patrick Larraga said during a press briefing in Davao City today.

Larraga said the campaign will support the Mobile Education and Child Protection Program for Children of the United Nations Childrens Fund (UNICEF) for children on the streets of Manila.

The UN Program for Children is an innovative approach that involves the local government and non government organizations (Lingap Pangkabataan, Inc.) working together to give these children a second chance. Lingap will employ trained street educators and social workers who will provide counselling, reintegration and mainstreaming of street chil…

Sony Ericsson Launches 3 Mobile Phones

Sony Ericsson is simultaneously launching three new phones in Davao City today. This was the third leg of the company's road show for the launching of their phones.

"Every purchase of each of these phones will bring joy to children through UNICEF since the company is contributing up to P1 million to support the latter's Mobile Education and Child Protection Program,' Sony Ericsson Product Sales Manager Vince dela Cruz said.

Sony Ericssson's flagship phone is Satio also known as Sony Ericsson Idou in other countries. The phone has a 3.5-inch screen and a 12.1 megapixel camera.

Parents would be better off with Sony Ericsson Kita though since it can be used for gaming ala Wii. You just make the moves in front of your screen and get right on the action.

Another newcomer is the Sony Ericsson Aino which comes with a WiFi feature and allows you to control and access content on Playstation 3.

All the three phones will give you free access to Sony's Entertainment Unlimited…

Chula Vista Ideal Option For Middle Class Home Buyers

Chula Vista is offering Davao City's middle class sector a cozy and nice alternative to the various socialized housing projects in the city. Middle class here being those who earn P15,000 per month. The good news is that this middle class housing project will be available via PAGIBIG and Banco de Oro financing.

"We found a big gap between the purchasing capacity of the middle class and the available options for them when in comes to housing projects so this is a response to that need," said Andrea Leah Romero, Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of HLC during a Business Forum being held at SM MediSpa at this time.