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Duterte Tells Nograles "Lapida" Is For Your Burial Ground

Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte castigated Speaker Prospero Nograles during the "Gikan sa Masa, Para sa Masa" television show this morning about the proliferation of construction projects with Nograles' name on them.

"Ang lapida Nograles para sa imong lungon dili para sa proyekto (the burial stone is for your burial ground not for projects)," Duterte said. He said the money spent for the projects is not the money of Nograles but people's money.

Duterte also criticized Nograles for including the name of his son Atty Karlo Nograles in all of the projects posters and billboards. Atty. Karlo Nograles said their names are plastered all over their projects for purposes of transparency.

"If this is the case then I will order my people to put my name on a billboard to be placed at the People's Park---but also to include the name of my driver and several of my friends," Duterte said.

2:30 To Go Before Earth Hour

Two hours and a half more to go before Davao City, the whole Philippines and the whole world observes Earth Hour. This is one hour, from 8:30 to 9:30 PM when we all put switch off our lights and other non-essential appliances to contribute to the world-wide campaign against global warming.

At least one million Filipinos joined Earth Hour last year and this year, the number is expected to go higher. This means more energy saved and more voices for Mother Earth. Davao City has prepared activities for Earth Hour and there will be three countdown events scheduled at SM City Davao, Matina Plaza Town Square and People's Park.

People's Park activities will be lead by Popong Landero and will feature dance numbers that depict the ritual healings of the earth.

You can observe Earth Hour. Just switch off your power and switch on to the worldwide campaign against global warming!

Kids Havaianas Recall: How About Adult Havs?

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has ordered the recall of about 210,000 children's flip flops manufacturers by Alpargatas USA Inc., of New York, N.Y. under the brand name Havaianas for allegedly containing high levels of lead that are in beyond the federal standards.

No injuries related to the high-lead content have been noted so far but this does not discount the fact that these flip flops are dangerous. How about Havaianas for adults?

This incident should urge the authorities to look into the safety of Havaianas flip flops not only for kids but also those sold for adults considering how widely-marketed these flip flops are. I for one have a bad experience with Havaianas which I bought from Chimes, an authorized distributor and seller of Havaianas so at least that proves that the pair is an authentic one.

The incident happened two years ago and since I had no malice whatsoever against the brand I failed to document the incident. It was only now that I realized the health…

China Town Davao Style

This is the new look of Uyanguren as the official China Town of Davao City. However, aside from the pseudo-gates on both sides of the streets, Uyanguren i still filled with mostly old buildings most of which are already fire-hazards.

Perhaps, the local government should not only focus on declaring the area as official China Town but it should also focus on the structures and its safety. After all, majority of the establishments here are earning income so why not look at the possibility of renovating or rebuilding these buildings following a unified architectural design that depicts Chinese all throughout? That would make China Town in Davao a real tourist attraction when this happens.