Tide's "Isa Higit Sa Dalawa" commercial

I was disturbed the first time I saw and heard Tide's "1>2" or "Isa Higit sa Dalawa" advertisement not for anything else but for its tendency to mislead children into believing that what is being taught both at school and at home is not correct. How many mothers and pre-school teachers have spent days teaching children the intricacies of basic mathematics. It is as factual as night and day that 1 is less than 2. However, this Tide commercial insists that 1 is less than 2.

Several weeks after I was surprised and glad that Tide has made some amendments to their advertisement. If you notice Tide's advertisement nowadays, the phrase "isa hight sa dalawa" is still being used but with a caveat----sa mathematics hindi pwede yan!

I don't know if the Department of Education called the attention of Tide's advertisement agency but whoever made that call should be commended for checking it out and asking Tide to amend its advertisement.


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