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Goodbye “Charles”…Goodbye Fiscalizer…

Councilor Jesus Zozobrado may have been one of the loudest voices in the City Council especially when it comes to issues against corruption and yet, his death came like a whisper in the night.

“He died peacefully at 6:20 this morning,” daughter Atty. Rachel Zozobrado said yesterday.

Not too many people knew that he was called Charles by his close friends mainly because Charles Bronson was his idol. And like Bronson who fought evil in his movies, Zozobrado fought hard against corruption in the city council in the same manner that he fought hard against his illness. He did not die without a fight.

It may be coincidental or perhaps, Zozobrado knew he would not live long because he did what only a few politicians would do---risk his political career by sponsoring a law that would affect the “masa”

This, he did, when he authored City Ordinance 0189 regulating the use of single motorcycles by limiting the number of passengers to only two persons including the driver. The ordinance received…