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DCCCII to demand status quo from PCCI

The Davao City Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Incorporated may remain on its own and may never go back under the wings of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry unless the latte agrees to revert to status quo.

This was divulged by new DCCCII president Atty. Domingo Duerme who said the Chamber Board still has to meet in January to discuss the proposal of the PCCI for their re-affiliation.

“The demand of the Board of Trustees even before negotiations were made is to revert to a status quo or the prevailing situation before the controversy,” Duerme said.

Status quo would mean reverting to the original eight Mindanao Chambers prior to the reconfiguration. It would also mean a negation of the result of the election for PCCI-Mindanao governors.

Former DCCCII president Atty. Bienvenido Cariaga earlier said the local chamber’s decision on the controversy will depend on the decision of the new Board of Trustees.

Only three of the 15 Chamber Board members are new while the other two me…