The incident involving the death of Trinidad "Trina" Etong, wife of ABS CBN broadcaster Ted Failon has stirred the whole country specifically the way the Quezon City Police District treated the case and the people involved in the case. The harsh treatment accorded to Ted Failon and his wife's relatives, who were dragged like criminals, gave rise to the fear among ordinary citizens.

Despite the heartaches and the headaches this case has brought not only to Ted Failon here's one amusing blooper involving an interview between a police officer and Alex Santos of ABS CBN just this morning.

Alex Santos was asking a police officer from QCPD if they have aleady ruled if the Trina Etong case was suicide or parricide.

Alex Santos: Sa tingin nyo po ba sir ang suicide ay krimen?

Police officer: Mahirap hong sagutin yan---alangan namang kasuhan natin yung patay!


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