Davao Crocodiles Invade Manila

No, you don’t need glasses because you heard it right---crocodiles have indeed invaded Manila. However, the Davao crocodiles that have invaded Manila are not the crocodiles that you have in mind which are already too many in Manila. This time, it’s the real crocodiles that are doing the haunt.

The crocodiles which are now occupying an 11-hectare land formerly occupied by Boom na Boom along Roxas Boulevard in Pasay, were brought by Davao business Sonny Dizon who owns the Davao Crocodile Park. The show is part of the Davao Crocodile Park Roadshow and Wildlife Encounter.

Dizon’s contingent consists of 200 crocodiles, an albino Phyton (is that the yellow one that people are petting in Davao?), an orang-utan, a civet (whose poop is the source of the expensive Kopi Luwak), an alpaca and other animals. Manilenos will have a share of the heart-stopping tightrope walk performed by experienced acrobats over a pond with at least 67 crocodiles waiting for them to fall.


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